Saturday, July 23, 2011

trip to utah in a nutshell...

well it started out good....we left saturday night and stayed in a hotel in sparks, nv. we left the next morning and drove to rexburg. that was the longest day of my life and i never want to drive that drive again!!! seriously. i won't! i might fly to SLC and then drive there, but not ever again straight from Chico. we then visited my sister who just had a baby. it was fun to visit with her family. We went to Provo and stayed with LaNell. it was great. it was fun to see family and hang out. We went to a water park, Seven peaks....great fun. and then went to a cabin for 3 days outside of heber city. that was really fun too.

This is the view from the front porch of the cabin. it was beautiful. three stories high and TONS of deer, moose, bear, and every other animal that you can hunts heads all over the walls. We just played games and hung out...i am sad that i didn't take more time.

This is my best friend is amazing to say that we are still best friends after all these years. We sure don't talk enough, and we rarely see eachother, but when we get together, it is like time never lapsed! I miss her and wish we lived closer, but it was great to hang out with her so much...i definately didn't get enough of her though.

Seven Peaks. Olivia had the best day of her life, by far. she loved it so much we are going to venture again to another park in Redding. i hope she is just as much fun.

I took this picture because i have one just like it when i was about this age and let me tell you, we are looking more and more alike. I love her. She did SO SO good on this trip. There was very little whinning on the drive to Idaho. But whenever we got out of the car she definately had a skip in her step. i could tell that she was happy to be out of the car, but she sure didn't cry much. and her naps and sleeping was great. we sure do love you little miss Lily!

Friday, May 27, 2011

We have been quite busy.... it is the end of the year, and now we are finally going to have some fun! This is Ben and Lily playing after his graduation. it was fun to go play in the grass. She loved kicking the ball.

Lily loved the Lai i got for Ben at graduation. She pulled the whole thing apart all over the front room. This is right before church.

We went to the Sacramento Zoo. She was pretty entertained, except for the fact that she somehow peed through her pants on the way there, and we had NO extra pants. so we took them off. yet she still had fun.

Daddy and Olivia. She wanted to play with the camera.

Mommy and Olivia and the "cheese" face.

Ben Graduated. We are SO happy!!

Molly Graduated as well with her Masters. Molly and i are both holding her diploma to demonstrate how much i helped her through her program!

Olivia got really sick the week before. Fever, throwing up, tired, name it! Daddy even stayed home one day from work, so I could work and he took care of her.

We FINALLY hiked Feather Falls. it was really fun, we went with Ben's outdoor education class. It was pretty cool. 10 mile hike round trip.

The Falls....this is all backwards, sorry...but i am sure you all know how that goes with blogger.

We have had a fun semester, and i can't wait for all the fun this summer. Next year, ben is in the credential program. he will be student teaching at Oroville high school, and then working full time at the Juvenile Hall in Oroville, and class 2 nights a week at chico state. It is going to be rough, we won't see eachother much, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel..... right??

Monday, April 18, 2011

17 and Blonde

Well i found my camera. Ben hid it in the car when we went to Sacramento. THANK HEAVENS!!!
Olivia is getting bigger by the minute! She can now climb onto the piano bench, open the lid and start playing. Yet, she is still taken into another room when i put music away. She is not allowed to know that the bench opens....not yet at least.

I went back blonde. This is about 3 weeks ago. The most recent picture. We have been busy.

Did i mention that i lost 17 lbs. Yes....that is right. 17! I am stoked about this. I have been doing weight watchers and working out 2 hours a day. i am dedicated. Only 40 more to go, and i have hit my goal. This summer. I am loosing about an average of 2 lbs per week. LOVE IT!

Olivia now knows how to take her clothing off. It is really annoying. but she sure is cute.

Playing at the park. She seemed a little scared of the slide. when ben let go, she just clenched on and hung there for a little while. we finally peeled her fingers off, and she didnt seem excited.

Other news:

Ben got into the credential program. It is going to be tough. BUT they are totally willing to work with him. His supervisor was really impressed that he has all A's and B's at Chico State with a wife and child at home, while working full time. He told him that and pretty much asked him where he wanted to student teach. AWESOME!!! the un-awesome part is that he still needs a few classes before he gets in, which means summer school. They decided not to tell him until after it was too late. So this summer he will be taking an aquatics class, tennis, health, and Magic, witchcraft and religion. It is going to be a tough year for me and Olivia. BUT i can't wait. i am SO happy that there is only one year of school left, i could almost cry. I am just tired of being in school(well ben being in school). it has been a Large stress on our marraige. He is never home, and when he is, he is usually doing homework. He works so hard. i am excited for him to finally do something he wants to do.

She is not a huge fan of the camera but she will stare at you until you take the picture.

We went to the mall and let her have a ride. she DIDNT like it. but loved climbing.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

carmera, camera, anyone seen it??

i can't seem to find my camera...i think we left it in sacramento at the hotel....THIS SUCKS!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

silly girl.

some days i get really sad thinking about how much calling her Lily, has grown up. she really is turning into a little girl. she is fun! SHE LOVES RUNNING!!! I mean, running. she doesn't walk too much. she is usually running.

She is being silly here, she likes wearing my beanie.
Being silly here again.

And even though we are REALLY busy, we found time to go to the park on Tuesday in between rain storms. She had a ton of fun on the swing. She really didn't want to leave.
She also loves saying... Daw Daw.....rrrroooooorrrroooo
loves those just have to work on getting ben to let us get one!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

what a baby!!

Olivia sure has been a handful lately...she has been teething like crazy....and then she got sick...and then she got me sick, and now i think that ben is sick.... it has been a crazy last month or so. BUT, ben starts school on monday, his new schedule started today. tomorrow is the first time he has come to church since june. We are happy he gets to come to church again, his work permitting! I am super excited to get to a SET schedule as well... i can't wait to start running again. This weather here has been crazy. it was in the 70's today! i sure can't wait for spring and summer to start running in the park again. but above all that and even though Lily has been quite a challenge, i sure do love her!! what can you expect when her K-9s came in, and her molers are sure trying to cut through the skin. she sure is a trooper!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The New Year!!

With the new year, Ben and I set up some resolutions. Ben's being weight management, have FHE every week, and daily scripture study. Mine, LOSE WEIGHT, Daily Scripture study and read 4 books within this year(1every 3 months. Non church, and Non Baby). Well i have chosen them. I am actually pretty excited. Let the games begin.

I purchased this when it came out, i think it might have been last year at this time. Have yet to read it. this will be the first i tackel.
Purchased this last year as well....have not made time to read it. can't wait to get to this one. Right around spring time...the time for love.

This is the #1 best selling book for non fiction. that is why i chose it.

this just sounded good.....
Wish me luck! and good resolution-ing to you all! ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

to quote the king of siam...."a snow"

Olivia had never been to the on sat we went up to paradise and played a was fun!

Her new track suit from aunt lanell...

Her modeling pose.

she is so cute!

happy happy.

sorry it is sideways..