Thursday, March 28, 2013

with child???

These two have been such a handful this week.  They are both sick, and so am I!  i have to sing this Sunday, Easter.  i am kind of nervous about it, and yet weirdly calm.  i have never sung a solo on Easter before.  and of course, i am sick.  i have tried to sleep as much as possible and rest.  but with these two kids, it is kind of hard to do that.  Ben even stayed home yesterday to help out.  he watched the kids so i could sleep in until 9am!  Man, I love him!!!  Braxton has his top two front teeth coming in.  I think, on top of that, he caught my cold.  Olivia has been sniffling all week.  i bought some Vick's Vapor Rub for me and the babies.  Today, Bubba has a fever.  it has been really hard on him.  he just  wants me to hold him, and while i hold him, he just climbs all over me.
He is standing now.  trying to walk, but even content just standing.  i love it and hate it all at the same time.  i have never wanted to be "with child" more than now that i am seeing that he is not a baby anymore.  i think we will wait a little longer though, so i can enjoy at least his first year.  He is getting to be so big and CUTE!!  i definitely have a different feeling with  him being my little boy.  But it sure is fun that he is getting bigger.  Olivia loves playing with him.  and he loves watching her play.  sometimes he gets into her play area, and they do OK.  he is still a little small.  i would give it maybe 2-3 more months and he will be at her pace for sure. 
we have had some nice weather this last week.  but with all the sickness coming and going, no running here.  i think we will shoot for next week for sure.  it is even supposed to rain this weekend.  i sure hope not.  or at least, no rain long enough for us to have a Easter egg hunt outside.

now we are just waiting.  Ben has applied for quite a few jobs in Utah, the bay area and we are waiting to see if a full time job surfaces in Oroville.  i think we will know as the year goes on, but it sure would be nice to know now.  i am sure everyone says that, but i guess that is why Heavenly Father teaches us Patience.  I am just really hoping that we aren't here another year.  it is really stretching our budget and our savings.  it is frustrating as well, because i know we are moving this summer no matter what.  i just don't know if it will be to the other side of town, out of town or out of state.  i hate the waiting game!

Now, about this whole Gay marriage thing.  i have just one more thing to say regarding this topic.

I have my beliefs.  There is a member that describes how i feel really well...

but the church also says the official stance here:

but more importantly, i feel like i am getting involved.  I am not holding up a sign and fighting with people, but i am more than willing to let people know how i feel and who i support.  i will not be ashamed of that, nor will i back down.  This is what Heavenly Father wants.  and I am on His side.

Some might not agree with that, but i can say that i respect that.  that is their choice.  but, this is mine.
so i will not sit back and let others bully me!!  thats all on that topic.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


well i was trying to clean up some of my drafts and i deleted the last year and a half of posts... ANNOYING!!!!
so that is why the last post is so long ago....
will post soon