Tuesday, January 22, 2008

this would be our sunday outing. there is this place off of the skyway that is called either lookout point or make out point. ben and i decided to go and "look" at lookout point. we didn't makeout. no really, we just wanted to look at it. it goes into the canyon and it is really pretty. plus there were about 6 cars at the bottom. this is where a lot of people try to committ suicide by driving off the cliff. pretty sad. that is my sunday outfit too!

Here is ben...this time when it snowed he was so sweet to get out there and salt the driveway. it was quite cold. but he is so cute.
well sorry it has been a while but this is our house with the snow. we are up in paradise at a family friends house while they are on a mission. it was a little different being in the snow. i lived in snow for a long time out in ohio but everyone else always shoveled it. but this day i had to get out and do it. ben was gone in chicago for his best friends wedding and so i did it myself.