Saturday, October 18, 2014

a little behind...

I know that I haven't blogged since we moved here.  I have been pretty busy.
Here is a quick update.  Olivia started school.  She is currently in Pre-K because of her birthday being in October.  Kind of lame, but I am pretty confident that I will be moving her up into Kinder when she turns 5 in another week or so.  I started school again this semester.  I am going to be taking a break for a while.  It is quite a lot of work with school and kids and all.
In August, I got to see these beautiful ladies and their kiddos.  I miss them.  Beth is just too busy in Germany and I am so happy that I only live about an hour away from Courtney.  We have already gotten to see her last month and I am hoping that we can do it again soon.

 We bought a BBQ.  I am so happy about this.  Ben is too.  We  haven't had one since we moved from Chico.  We got rid of ours because we had one built in our deck in the apts.  Then when we moved, it was just too expensive for BBQ food in Fort Bragg.  We are happy about this and have used it quite a bit already.
 Braxton did some potty training.  We still have to remind him to go about every hour and stuff, but he is in big boy pants and he can take his nap without wetting the bed.  HOORAY!
 During Potty training, Ben took Olivia for a daddy/daughter day.  They did all sorts of stuff.
 We got a year pass to the kids museum.  That is a hit everytime we go!  I am happy about that.
 One Saturday, we were in need of a break, and headed to the Jelly Belly Factory.   The kids loved it.
 October hit and we headed to the Pumpkin Patch.  It was on a Wed., so it wasn't that great since most of the amenities are available on the weekends, but it was still fun.  Even though it was HOT!  Like 97 hot.
 Our Hay ride.
 Olivia on the pony
 Braxton on his pony too.
 Kids love it when daddy comes home.
 Olivia's school picture.  She LOVES school and she is so smart.
On other news, we got three foster kids.  They are 7,6,1 yrs old.  It is quite a lot of work.  I am glad we bought a van last year.  It is nice that the older two are in school.  During the day there are only two kids and me, then lunch time 4 and then the oldest is back by 3.  It is fun.  It definitely keeps us busy.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Moved in and moved on...

We have finally moved into our home in Lodi.  It was a crazy few months.  It seemed that it would never end and that Ben would never get another job.  But it all worked out in the end and we are here in Lodi.  I love it.  
This is the last week that we were in Fort Bragg.  This might be one of the things I might miss the most about it.  We had two families of deer in our back yard area.  Each had two fauns.  They were SO cute!  I loved watching them just prance around and play with each other.
 This is our cute little house.  I LOVE IT!!!  It is a 3 bd 2ba.  It has a small back yard, but it had a back yard.  Our last house was a town home and it didn't have any back yard.  This had a back yard and a 2 car garage.  We have great neighbors.  They are all so nice.  We got here right before the 4th of July and I was a little nervous.  But it was So fun!  Our neighbors and pretty much the whole town was out until 10pm just shooting off fireworks and having fun.  There were tons of kids and it was just a great atmosphere.  Plus the town was giving a firework show down at the lake as well.  My mom came up for the night, so it was really fun to hang out and just relax.
The kids enjoying the heat and their pool from grandma Brown.
 This is the inside.  This house was built in the 1940s and the owners bought it in November of last year and remodeled the entire house.  It is great.  We are the first to live in it after the remodel and  everything is new.  Well... the floors are original, but the paint, new heating and air, new kitchen, new tiling in the kitchen and bathrooms, walk in closets in all rooms... it is so nice.
 This is Olivia's spacious!
 Her closet.
 Braxtons room... He loves his new rug.  We aren't sure where we are going to put that toddler bed just yet.
 The main bathroom.
 Its new tile shower.
 Our LARGE pantry!
The kitchen.  Don't mind the mess.  It is all clean now.
 Front room.
 I am so happy that we are here now.  It feels so good and we are very happy with our ward.
Tonight we made a pizza.  I loved it.  I tried to do the D'Aurillio's thing with the extra cheese on top.  I must say, it worked out nicely!  BBQ Chicken, pineapple pizza.  The kids loved it too....well.... Braxton did.  Olivia hates pizza.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

T-ball, Easter and Mother's day

Olivia started T-ball.  It is quite fun.  It has actually been so long since I have posted that she started and had her last game this last monday.  She should be having an awards ceremony soon, and I can't wait to get her pictures.  She did very well with instruction.  She loved it.

 Mother's day was great this year.  With the exception that Ben took a nap when I should have been taking one.  Maybe next year.  These two little kids are the greatest.  I love them.  Olivia is finally old enough for me to curl her hair.  She was really good while I curled.  She stood very still.
 Easter was good.  Very low key.  We went to church, and had a small Easter dinner.  It was just us, so that was fun.  We hid some plastic eggs outside for these two and they had a lot of fun.
 In April, we all got together in Oroville and Chico.  It was a lot of fun to see all the Brown's except Caleb.  Oh well, that is what happens when you go on a mission.  I am sure we will get together again...maybe.. ;)
 One day, it was about 80 degrees outside... VERY unusual for here.  It is NEVER that warm.  So we ate lunch outside on the patio.  The kids loved it.
Olivia and her cute dress that I bought her about 2 years ago, and it finally fits her just right.
 Braxton REALLY enjoyed finding the eggs.  He did so well.  I can't believe he is getting so big.

Overall, we are doing well.  Hoping that big things will happen for us this summer.  We are still wanting to do foster care, just in between kids.  It has been such an eye opening experience.  Olivia will start Kindergarten this fall.  It is so exciting.  I am very happy for her and all that she will encounter.  She is excited for school.  She talks about it on a daily basis.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Picture overload...

Holy Smokes!!  I didn't know how many pictures were on my camera until I looked today.  We have been busy.  These two extra kids keep it that way.  Elissa is in school every day, Olivia 3 days a week, and Richie 1 day a week.  It is fun, but busy.  I can't believe how it will be when they are gone.  I am not sure when that will be, but it sure is quiet when they go for visits with their family.  Although my bio kids sure do love the alone time.
Every day during the boys nap time, we do quiet time.  Sometimes if I am tired, I just put on a movie for them.  Most days, though, we do quiet activities.  Elissa couldn't do a puzzle when she came to us in Dec.  Now she is working on 100 piece puzzle and can do a 48 piece all by herself.  It is great!
 Olivia has decided she doesn't really like puzzles anymore(at least today) and she usually plays games.
 Braxton is getting so big.  I can't believe he is in nursery at church and in just a few months he will be 2.  He is such a BOY!  He climbs, throws, hits, kicks, and smashes everything.  His cheese face!
 Elissa turned 5 in January, and we decided to have her a cake.  She was happy about that.

 Another puzzle... this one is 24 piece.
 Elissa got a dress up kit for Christmas, and the girls played one day.  They enjoyed that, but there were stickers all over the house afterwards.  Not a good idea.

 In Feb. I turned 31.  That was kind of weird to think about.  Ben and i were on our trip for my birthday and the girls were talking about my bday constantly.  We decided to get an ice cream cake, so they could sing to me and let things go... i wasn't all that impressed with the cake.  Oh well.

 Valentines day was interesting.  This school district, and maybe others, have gone a little crazy if you ask me.  I got a flyer for valentines day saying that they didn't want any candy or treats for the kids.  If we wanted, we could bring healthy snacks and other alternatives.  Isn't that is what Valentines day is about??!!  Since Olivia goes to a private Preschool, she got all sorts of candy, and Elissa didn't.  SO, I had a talk with Olivia about sharing with Elissa, and it all worked out.  I mean, for goodness sake!!!  I rarely let the kids have candy any other time, can't we have some fun on Valentines day?
 Kids going crazy after candy from Valentines day...
 Braxton's other cheese face!
Today is the first day of softball.  I will take some more pictures.  That should be fun.  Hopefully the wind goes away.