Wednesday, July 14, 2010


HAHAHAHA just kidding...i think it is so funny when people say they are going private and then dont.....i don't really care who looks at my blog. I actually put a counter on here to see if anyone other than myself was actually looking at this thing! and suprisingly there are! so for all you out there who are blog lookers and aren't very good at making comments (like me)..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

puckering up for a kiss! she even makes the smacking noise!
Ben loves taking her swimming.

I saw a post today on FB that said we celebrate the 25th of December, the 17th of March, the 31 of October, or the 14 of Feb.? no it is INDEPENDANCE DAY!!!....i thought it was stupid! so what, it is independance day.... it is also the 4th of july. does it really matter what we call it as long as we understand what we are celebrating?? no! at least not to me!
I don't really like it when holidays are on Sundays. Today, we didn't really do anything. we went to church and came home. although, olivia looked pretty darn cute in her new dress...thank aunt Lanell. Ben and i dressed patriotic today as well. it was fun to sing all the USA songs in church. we had to leave early. Olivia was NOT happy in Sunday school. it didn't help that is was during her nap. so we came home and ate lunch. on the way home, this looser backed into our car. i guess he didn't know the difference between reverse and forward. we got all his insurance stuff though. i have to call tomorrow. Then after lunch Olivia took another nap. 30 min into it, she cried...those first teeth still haven't come through....and when i went to get her, i picked her up and rocked in the recliner in her room, she fell asleep on me. so i just layed there and enjoyed it for about an hour. then i had to wake her up so she would sleep tonight. I sure do love her though. i give her kisses everyday and she is catching on. she is starting to pucker up for them. she is also rocking. any day now, she will crawl..i can't wait!
I just can't get enough of that girl! 8 months and getting bigger by the day.