Monday, March 10, 2014

Picture overload...

Holy Smokes!!  I didn't know how many pictures were on my camera until I looked today.  We have been busy.  These two extra kids keep it that way.  Elissa is in school every day, Olivia 3 days a week, and Richie 1 day a week.  It is fun, but busy.  I can't believe how it will be when they are gone.  I am not sure when that will be, but it sure is quiet when they go for visits with their family.  Although my bio kids sure do love the alone time.
Every day during the boys nap time, we do quiet time.  Sometimes if I am tired, I just put on a movie for them.  Most days, though, we do quiet activities.  Elissa couldn't do a puzzle when she came to us in Dec.  Now she is working on 100 piece puzzle and can do a 48 piece all by herself.  It is great!
 Olivia has decided she doesn't really like puzzles anymore(at least today) and she usually plays games.
 Braxton is getting so big.  I can't believe he is in nursery at church and in just a few months he will be 2.  He is such a BOY!  He climbs, throws, hits, kicks, and smashes everything.  His cheese face!
 Elissa turned 5 in January, and we decided to have her a cake.  She was happy about that.

 Another puzzle... this one is 24 piece.
 Elissa got a dress up kit for Christmas, and the girls played one day.  They enjoyed that, but there were stickers all over the house afterwards.  Not a good idea.

 In Feb. I turned 31.  That was kind of weird to think about.  Ben and i were on our trip for my birthday and the girls were talking about my bday constantly.  We decided to get an ice cream cake, so they could sing to me and let things go... i wasn't all that impressed with the cake.  Oh well.

 Valentines day was interesting.  This school district, and maybe others, have gone a little crazy if you ask me.  I got a flyer for valentines day saying that they didn't want any candy or treats for the kids.  If we wanted, we could bring healthy snacks and other alternatives.  Isn't that is what Valentines day is about??!!  Since Olivia goes to a private Preschool, she got all sorts of candy, and Elissa didn't.  SO, I had a talk with Olivia about sharing with Elissa, and it all worked out.  I mean, for goodness sake!!!  I rarely let the kids have candy any other time, can't we have some fun on Valentines day?
 Kids going crazy after candy from Valentines day...
 Braxton's other cheese face!
Today is the first day of softball.  I will take some more pictures.  That should be fun.  Hopefully the wind goes away.