Friday, May 27, 2011

We have been quite busy.... it is the end of the year, and now we are finally going to have some fun! This is Ben and Lily playing after his graduation. it was fun to go play in the grass. She loved kicking the ball.

Lily loved the Lai i got for Ben at graduation. She pulled the whole thing apart all over the front room. This is right before church.

We went to the Sacramento Zoo. She was pretty entertained, except for the fact that she somehow peed through her pants on the way there, and we had NO extra pants. so we took them off. yet she still had fun.

Daddy and Olivia. She wanted to play with the camera.

Mommy and Olivia and the "cheese" face.

Ben Graduated. We are SO happy!!

Molly Graduated as well with her Masters. Molly and i are both holding her diploma to demonstrate how much i helped her through her program!

Olivia got really sick the week before. Fever, throwing up, tired, name it! Daddy even stayed home one day from work, so I could work and he took care of her.

We FINALLY hiked Feather Falls. it was really fun, we went with Ben's outdoor education class. It was pretty cool. 10 mile hike round trip.

The Falls....this is all backwards, sorry...but i am sure you all know how that goes with blogger.

We have had a fun semester, and i can't wait for all the fun this summer. Next year, ben is in the credential program. he will be student teaching at Oroville high school, and then working full time at the Juvenile Hall in Oroville, and class 2 nights a week at chico state. It is going to be rough, we won't see eachother much, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel..... right??


whit said...

Yay for graduating! And yes, there is a light :)

Allie Ogden said...

Congrats to Ben for graduating! That is way fun! Oliva is so cute:)

Rhandi said...

Congrats Katie! Such a big accomplishment!