Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 Months...

At 10 Months, she is doing pleanty.....
Pulling herself up and walking...holding on to anything.
saying baba, dada, mama, papa, we are working on lala
she has officially forgotten about the pacifyer.
her hair fits into a clip. I love this one.
she crawls like crazy!
Eats just about anything. i even made a lasagna and put her portion on the ninja with some water and she ate that.
she sleeps through the night and takes her 2 naps a day, but she has been doing this for a while.
and she has 2 teeth.
she is GREAT and we LOVE HER!!

Our DVD player died. we gave her the remote since she wanted the other ones that worked.
she is teething. This is what i come into in the mornings. plus the snot running down her face.

bed time. She loves it when daddy puts her to sleep with a song. Church hymn of course.

She loves bananas. I asked ben to cut some up for her. he gave her the whole banana. but she ate it...

Getting ready for church. She is such a lady.

She LOVES these sunglasses.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I would just like to say how much i love my husband. He called in sick to work yesterday so that i could just sleep and get better..... thank you!!! and i love you!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Monday -Monday 8/2-8/9 we went to utah and idaho. it was really fun. it had been too long since i had been there. I got to visit with my really good friend Beth. i love her and miss her so much. then we hung out with Bens family for a day, then went to the SL temple. ben had never been, so we did a session, went the the Lion House Pantry for lunch, and walked around a little bit. That night, we got to visit our friends Kevin and Emma Cherry. It was nice to see them. We then headed up to Farmington to see some of my mission budies. that was a highlight...it had been 5 years since we had all seen eachother.
thursday we headed up to pick up my mom and molly and we all drove up to idaho where brooke got married. it was awesome. her husband, Tyler, is great. we were up there for 3 days. first time i had been to idaho. very remote and full of fields. peaceful. my whole family was there is it was really fun! this is the first time all 5 Cavaness kids have been together since my wedding. we didn't really get a chance to all hang out there either, so sat night was really fun. we all just talked and joked around.
we came back on sunday and oliva had a pretty rough week. i think i was probably the lack of schedule that we had out there, since i am pretty strict with our schedule here. but all in all we had fun. cant wait to go again.
Olivia loved being thrown into Aunt Lanell's Love sak.
A. Lanell took her swimming while ben and i went to the temple. i guess she had fun while pooping all over the deck. ;)