Friday, August 29, 2008

Tender Mercies...

i just have to tell you all how much i love my husband! this picture is from when we went to marine world on our 1 month anniversary of dating in may 1 year ago. He is the sweetest thing there is! the other night he had just got home from his 3rd day of school and he was TIRED!! the poor guy had worked from midnight to 6am, came home and slept for 1 hr then got up and got ready for school from 9am to 3pm. so that night, we were finished with dinner and decided that we were going to watch a movie. well i put in the wedding planner with JLO and matthew mcconahey....spelling..? anywho, it was so cute. we were actualy enjoying and then ben turns to me and says "Katie, you are one of the most beautiful people i have ever met". and i am like what?? and he says no really, i think you are so beautiful. i love you! and i just melted. i, of course, started crying and he got a little teary eyed. BEN I LOVE YOU!! you are the greatest and you mean the world to me! and i feel like Heavenly Father has really made ben a tender mercy in my life!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jog in the park, slumber party, and camping!

this last few weeks were just great!! it started out by going on walk with my husband ben! i love him. one night we decided that we would check out billie park. it was very nice!! we went on a little trail they had there and there was a "grotto". it was a small area on a trail and at the end was a little water fall. it was nice.

of course, ben and i were just the two of us, and so we couldn't take a picture of us both. so just one by one.

it was a fun date! we don't seem to do those much any more.
the next adventure we had was babysitting our nieces and nephew for the night. we had ally, 11, mady, 8, rylie, 5, and brayden, 1 1/2. it was fun but tiring. the girls were great and so was brayden for the evening and then when the night came, he did NOT want to sleep well. between ben and i, we were up with him until 5am. and 7am came around and that is when rylie wanted to watch hairspray. so i had to get up and watch hairspray. but it was fun. later that morning, we went back to billie park and had some fun.

trust me they were so cute to be around.... and they loved uncle ben!!

then camping at ft was fun. me and ben and his family. i got completely sun burnt! but it was worth it.

aaron took the pic and he did a great job huh!??!!!

we had fun, the beach was beautiful and we enjoyed hanging out. the best part was to come home and sleep in our own beds and not the floor.

Friday, August 1, 2008

here we go 'round the blueberry bush..

well this is my benji!! i love you!! this wonderful house that we are living in right now had some blueberries and peaches growing in the back yard, so we decided that to pick them and make some cobbler. we made two blueberry cobblers and 2 peach cobblers. family and friends loved them. it was so fun just to hang out and learn about food.
the summer is coming to an end and it is just so sad to me. i love the summer and i have only had time to go swimming once this summer. how sad is that??? tomorrow is a day off for me and i am so excited. if you don't know, i don't get anydays to sleep in ever. m-th, i work 8-5 at the drs office, then mondays i work at night at the salon. then fridays i get off the the drs office at noon and then do hair fridays until 6 or 7 and then saturdays i do hair from like 10 -4. then sundays we have church at 10 and choir at 9. so i don't get to sleep in ever, unless i actually mark off a day. and that is exactly what i did for tomorrow. so i am excited. i get to sleep in and do nothing all day. we are going swimming and then ben has to work at 4pm. so i get some time with myself. my nieces and nephew are in town from michigan too so we are going to have a fun 3 weeks.