Thursday, May 22, 2014

T-ball, Easter and Mother's day

Olivia started T-ball.  It is quite fun.  It has actually been so long since I have posted that she started and had her last game this last monday.  She should be having an awards ceremony soon, and I can't wait to get her pictures.  She did very well with instruction.  She loved it.

 Mother's day was great this year.  With the exception that Ben took a nap when I should have been taking one.  Maybe next year.  These two little kids are the greatest.  I love them.  Olivia is finally old enough for me to curl her hair.  She was really good while I curled.  She stood very still.
 Easter was good.  Very low key.  We went to church, and had a small Easter dinner.  It was just us, so that was fun.  We hid some plastic eggs outside for these two and they had a lot of fun.
 In April, we all got together in Oroville and Chico.  It was a lot of fun to see all the Brown's except Caleb.  Oh well, that is what happens when you go on a mission.  I am sure we will get together again...maybe.. ;)
 One day, it was about 80 degrees outside... VERY unusual for here.  It is NEVER that warm.  So we ate lunch outside on the patio.  The kids loved it.
Olivia and her cute dress that I bought her about 2 years ago, and it finally fits her just right.
 Braxton REALLY enjoyed finding the eggs.  He did so well.  I can't believe he is getting so big.

Overall, we are doing well.  Hoping that big things will happen for us this summer.  We are still wanting to do foster care, just in between kids.  It has been such an eye opening experience.  Olivia will start Kindergarten this fall.  It is so exciting.  I am very happy for her and all that she will encounter.  She is excited for school.  She talks about it on a daily basis.