Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Pictures

we decided to get some pictures of Olivia while she was still really little....this is what she got! they aren't the best quality because i can't get our scanner to work...but they are sure cute!

Monday, November 16, 2009

a lot to do...

ok, well i have a lot to do today so i can't post too much, but we had Olivia's blessing yesterday. ben starts his new job next week and will be working on sunday so we weren't sure when the next sunday would be to do it. but it was really nice. Ben did a good job. it was a little scary being out with her. we haven't really taken her a bunch of places. my mom made the dress and it looked really nice!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

off to bed!

it is 1145pm and i am just now going to bed. 10 months ago, i was in bed everynight by 9pm. this sleeping schedule is totally different than what i am used to, but i wouldn't change it for anything. Lily is wonderful and i love her more and more. even when she is crying, i love hearing it! and i LOVE being able to sleep on my back!!!
ben and i have decided that her favorite place to sleep is on my chest. after i feed her and i am in the process of burping her, she always falls asleep, and will stay that way. one night i just layed down with her on my chest, and we took a nap together. it is a great feeling.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We love her!!

my back hurts, my tailbone hurts, and i am always tired. but we sure love her!!! we gave her the first bath last night and she loved it!!... i can't sit for long because of the tailbone soreness from delivery, but i will post more later!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

She arrived....

Daddy was so so excited to have her finally arrive. He had a smile on the entire time!

I was exhausted...and still am. but she came and we love her!!
well just an update. our little girl finally came. she is wonderful. Wed night, i kept having this feeling that i needed to get things together and take a shower. i kind of got scared thinking it was going to happen in the middle of the night and i really didnt want my water to break on our new bed...well luckily i listened to that prompting. i took a shower, ben got home that night about 930 from work and we hung out. i went to bed about 11pm and just slept like normal, not very well. the next morning, i had another drs appt and so before i left, i told ben are you ready? and he was like yeah. i said well if i go to the dr and he says head to the hospital are you going to be ready for that? he are so funny, like it is just going to happen that smoothly! well, i went to the drs and he wanted to strip my membranes again. well when he stuck his finger in to check for dialation, my water started leaking. then he asked me if i wanted to be induced today if he could get me in. i of course said yes! he said ok head to the hospital. so i got dressed, and called ben. Luckily he wasn't in class and answered right away. i asked him, are you ready? and he giggled because of what we had talked about earlier, and said yes. and i said ok, meet me at the hospital. he said oh, your ready? what happened? and i said i just asked you if you were ready. " i thought you were teasing me because of what we talked about this morining."says ben. i said nope, my water broke, he is going to induce me today, meet me here.
so i checked in about 9am, got in the room and they started with a vaginal tablet. i had to lay there for 2 hours before they would check me again. then ben got there about 20 min later and just hung out with me. after the 2 hrs, we went to walk around for a while to get things going. well i came back and i was only to a 3. so they upped the induction to an insert. i had to lay there for another 2 hours....still in pain because the baby put so much pressure on my hips, and i am in an uncomfortable hospital bed. after that, only dialated to a 4. about 6pm, started on pitocin. that got things going quickly.... Olivia was face up, so i started into back labor. that was the deal breaker for getting the epidural. i really wanted to see how far i could go with out it. that did'nt last long. i received that about 830pm....around 11pm, it wore off....WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE! the dr came back around 130am and did another epidural. that was wonderful! i was totally numb from the mid waist down. normally it would bother me, but the back labor was so painful, this allowed me to sleep through the night. around 430am the nurse checked me and i was dialated to a 7, went back to sleep. 7am, the nurse checked me and she said, ok there is the head...we are ready to push. so ben woke up, and called my mom. she met us there and we started pushing about 715 and she was born 10/30/09 at 904 am. Ben was so excited once the nurse said it was time to push. he was so tired the night before, and once that nurse mentioned pushing, he jumped right up and had a huge smile on his face.
other than the pain, the worst part was the vomiting. i think it was from the pitocin. i am not a big medication person. so between that and the 2 epidurals, i threw up quite a bit. once being in the middle of labor. i was pushing so hard, all the water i drank to keep my mouth wet came right back up. but it was worth every minute. Olivia came out crying on her own. she was healthy and so alert when she came out. they rested her on my chest and it was just amazing to know that she was mine and i helped create her. She looks SO much like Ben. she is just a cutie. I had GSB (Strep B) for the pregnancy so i was on anti-biotics for the labor and the drs wanted to monitor Olivia to make sure she didn't get it. but we left today about 1230 and she was doing just fine. it is nice to have her home. ben is off work until wed and so we are looking forward to spending time with our new family. we will show her off soon enough, but we are loving her and the whole process of getting to knowing her.