Monday, April 18, 2011

17 and Blonde

Well i found my camera. Ben hid it in the car when we went to Sacramento. THANK HEAVENS!!!
Olivia is getting bigger by the minute! She can now climb onto the piano bench, open the lid and start playing. Yet, she is still taken into another room when i put music away. She is not allowed to know that the bench opens....not yet at least.

I went back blonde. This is about 3 weeks ago. The most recent picture. We have been busy.

Did i mention that i lost 17 lbs. Yes....that is right. 17! I am stoked about this. I have been doing weight watchers and working out 2 hours a day. i am dedicated. Only 40 more to go, and i have hit my goal. This summer. I am loosing about an average of 2 lbs per week. LOVE IT!

Olivia now knows how to take her clothing off. It is really annoying. but she sure is cute.

Playing at the park. She seemed a little scared of the slide. when ben let go, she just clenched on and hung there for a little while. we finally peeled her fingers off, and she didnt seem excited.

Other news:

Ben got into the credential program. It is going to be tough. BUT they are totally willing to work with him. His supervisor was really impressed that he has all A's and B's at Chico State with a wife and child at home, while working full time. He told him that and pretty much asked him where he wanted to student teach. AWESOME!!! the un-awesome part is that he still needs a few classes before he gets in, which means summer school. They decided not to tell him until after it was too late. So this summer he will be taking an aquatics class, tennis, health, and Magic, witchcraft and religion. It is going to be a tough year for me and Olivia. BUT i can't wait. i am SO happy that there is only one year of school left, i could almost cry. I am just tired of being in school(well ben being in school). it has been a Large stress on our marraige. He is never home, and when he is, he is usually doing homework. He works so hard. i am excited for him to finally do something he wants to do.

She is not a huge fan of the camera but she will stare at you until you take the picture.

We went to the mall and let her have a ride. she DIDNT like it. but loved climbing.


Katie Mitchell said...

Great Job on the 17 pounds! What gym do you go to?

Em said...

17 pounds!!! what an achievement!

agh!!! sean never worked in graduate school. so hard to do both!!! he is busier now b/c he works all day and has paperwork all night. oh the joys of doing a job that works with insurance companies. we did both work in undergrad and go to school full time. we pretty much ate sandwhiches for dinner at work and only saw each other on sundays. now that he is working he is SO much more busy. it has been a BIG adjustment for us, but we are finally getting used to him being gone and getting into a better groove. so great to be working towards a goal. best of luck!

Rhandi said...

Congrats on Ben getting in the program- I am excited for you that you only have 1 year of school left. I know what you mean- after 2 years of BYUs intense MBA program- it feels amazing to be done and have my hubby back! It was tough but so worth it! It went by so fast and it will be over before you know it! Congrats on shedding weight- nice work! You rock- I love and miss you and Olivia is a cutie! xoxo