Friday, June 26, 2009

A new adventure embarks...

Well as many of you know, or don't know, i have done hair now for about 8 years. i LOVE doing hair. i have been at Jecca's Hair Salon for the past 3 years, and i felt like it was time for a change. My friend Vicki Hair( i know, her name is irronic) ownes a salon here in chico, and she had an opening. i was excited to talk to her about it. we came upon a plan that worked for us. well she had an opening for a part time booth and that is what i needed. so i took her up on it. it is actually at 2nd Street Salon on 2nd street, of course. it is a great salon. there are about 6 girls there. so i know it will be fun and i can learn a lot from the other girls. 2 of the girls i worked with when i first got out of beauty school. we all worked together at Laura's Wig and Beauty. that was probably the most awful place i have ever worked( as far as doing hair). So i will be starting there July 15th. I am really excited. i just finished designing my business all can check them out. i like them, of course.

So for the future, if you want to come in and see me...give me a call!

on another topic, the baby is doing great. i am feeling her kick now, and it is getting more and more exciting. we are going to be painting next month and getting more and more ready!! until next month!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A little behind....

Ok, i know that i have been behind in this blog. and i am sorry about that. i would like to do more, i just have been so lazy when it comes to spending time on this and taking pictures and downloading them and all... i know that will change when we have Olivia. Oh, by the way, all of you that aren't on Facebook, we are going to name our little baby girl Olivia Ann and call her Lily. we are really excited for her. She is due to arrive Oct. 27th and i feel like i am just growing and growing. sometimes i don't even remember i am pregnant until i have to go to sleep at night and i can't sleep on my back( which i HATE!!!! i am a back sleeper), needless to say, another reason that i can't wait for this baby to arrive so i can go back to sleeping on my back...or when i go to put on clothes and they used to fit and all of the sudden they don't fit over my boobs or belly. amazing huh?!? or when i walk up the stairs to our apartment and i am TOTALLY out of breath when i get to the top. anywho...
So i want to get back into blogging....and i will. i am going to start the next day or so. i will start taking more pictures and downloading them, plus i want to update you all, if you really care, about our situations and the progress of the baby room and such. so until then, i will post soon!
*** on a side note, i know that some of you have such cute fonts for your titles and do i get those??**

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We went and had our ultrasound today. it was so fun! she was moving all over the place. waving and kicking....we loved it! we are due Oct. 27th and are so excited!!