Monday, May 27, 2013

shoveling sand in the mouth!

Ben and i got a chance to go on a much needed date last weekend.  we went to star-trek and to ice cream.  it was really fun and i actually took time to get my hair and makeup done.  it is a rare occasion when that happens, especially both hair AND makeup.  it was nice to spend some one on one time with him.  usually our time is spend in bed after the kids are asleep with our door shut because if Olivia hears us talking, she will  yell and want to come out.  so we have to be quite for a while until they are both asleep.  it is the same in the mornings.  if we get up later than 5 to go to the bathroom, she hears us and wants to come out.  super frustrating.  my kids are early risers.

 mothers day...  these are just too cute.  i love it how Braxton looks like he can smile on command...not there yet, but he is getting better at it.
 my mom came to visit this weekend.  it was really fun to have her here.  we went to glass beach and then to pudding creek bridge.  Friday was really windy and cold when we went to glass beach.  Olivia loved being able to collect shells though.

 the terrain was a little rough for this guy and his stroller.  we stayed up top while the two above went below to get treasures.
 it sure was a pretty day though.
 the next day we went to pudding creek and played in the sand.  Olivia loved it.
 this was Braxtons first time in the sand.  i was a little nervous but after a while of me just convincing myself that sand would be EVERYWHERE and we couldn't  control it, i let go and it was super fun.  he loved just being able to play in the sand.

 we had fun and it got closer and closer to his nap time.  i was thinking about how nice it was and how good he was being, then when i looked  at his face, he was shoveling sand in his mouth with that spoon in his hand.  once i took that from him, it all went sour QUICK!!  it then was obvious that he was tired and absolutely ready for nap time.
 Olivia stealing the toys from Braxton...  it has started already.

i took this this morning.  he is just getting so big.  he is trying to walk now and when he pulls himself up, he hits his head on the bottom of the dinning table.  it is so fun to watch how big he is getting.

 not to mention he LOVES Olivia's cartoons.
nothing special today.  i am just glad track is over and Ben is ours for the summer.  we are going to Ukiah today for our monthly Walmart trip and maybe going to Ross.  it is raining here so there is not much else to do.  plus daddy is home today!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Skunk Train, CHOOO CHOOO

This last weekend we went on the skunk train.  it is a train ride here is fort bragg.  they have a few engines that they take out for about 1-3 hours.  I have wanted to go on it since we moved here.  in fact, I have wanted to go on it since I started coming here for camping 5 years ago.  we got lucky.  Normally the tickets are $50 each.  too rich for my blood.  there was a tunnel that collapsed and we were able to benefit from that.  they were giving rides this weekend that was for 1 hr total.  and it cost us $27 for everyone.  we even got half off since we live here.  Braxton slept most of the way and Olivia loved it.
  it was really a peaceful ride.  the train only went about 5 miles per hour.  not too fast.  but enough for us to see everything.

This is Braxton climbing up the stairs.  Yes, we are to that phase now.  just today, he started standing up on his own and balancing.  it is only a matter of time before he starts walking.  I love seeing the milestones.  I feel like this year has gone by so fast.  just a year ago, ben was getting ready to graduate from Chico State for good, and we were looking for a job.  Braxton will turn 1 in less than 2 months.  I love him so much.  it is fun to be home with him.  I caught his coming up the stairs and he was so proud of himself for getting as far as he did.  silly boy.

Ben has 2 possibly 3 weeks left of Track.  and I can't WAIT!!!  it has been a long year.  but every night, he comes home and we eat dinner right away since he doesn't come home until 6pm.  them after dinner and before the bath, actually while Olivia is in the bath, he comes out and plays with Brax.  I LOVE IT!   and so does Brax.  he can't get enough of him, and loves when he comes home.  funny, cause every time I say dada to get B to say it, he just smiles.  it is fun to watch.
 I know that ben is going to have a lot of fun with his little boy.