Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hooker Oak Park to enjoy the weather...

We all decided to go to the park for a BBQ. it was so much fun. as you all know i now have saturdays off and so ben and i decided that we were going to invite ian and amanda for a day of fun. they brought their little baby..Nyomee, i don't know how to spell it but i spelt it phonetically....the way you sound it out. anywho...we BBQed steaks and kabobs, had jello salad and potato salad with BBQed zuccini. it was so much fun to hang out. the best part was holding their little girl..she is just the most adorable thing. i can't wait to have 10! JK!

here is another cute one of ben holding the baby..she is so small...well compaired to ben....

Here is a close up of the nyomee... i just happened to click at the right moment.
thats all enjoy for now and we will update soon..

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our House..

Coming in from the front door, this is the look of our living room and dining room. we are currenly house sitting for a family friend from church while they serve a mission. we love the home. it is a little large to swallow at first. but we are growing with it. litterally. we have both gained about 15 lbs. since we have been married but we are working on it. i just wanted to bragg a little to all those young married couples that are living in apartments. ha ha just kidding..

this is bens wonderful tv. this was a christmas purchase for us. ben has been wanting a big screen tv for sometime and so we got a really good deal on a panasonic 50" plasma tv. i must say, i wasn't very happy about it at first, but since we have cancelled our cable and all i do is watch movies now, i really appriciate it more.

this is a project that i started when i was snowed in for 2 days this winter....and now it is going to wait until i am pregnant so i am not working and have more time... :)

this is our kitchen to the left and to the right this is the loft above the living room. anywho, i know that i don't update this a whole lot but i am going to really try to do better and improve....


ben is currently trying to get into chico state so that he can start on his credential ..(spelling) program and then hopefully only 2 years left. at least that is what we are praying on. i on the other hand, got some help at work finally. we hired someone and she is great. i actually got to be done with work at 530 tonight. but i stil had 2 haircuts to do. by the end of the day it is hard to work out. i am tired. who knows, hopefully it will get better when it gets warmer.

i better go i am going to bed...good night to all...enjoy this..except those who have removed us, don't bother.. ")

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

OOOOK! i know it has been a really long time since i have written, but i really have been busy. i am not too good at this right now...give me a little more time and i will become better. i love my new job. has its days. i love the girls i work with. they are great. we get a long really well. we had to get rid of one though. the girl that was there when i started. it just didn't work out for one reason or another, so she found another job and we are currently hiring. hopefully soon, we will find someone, like to start monday! i will be coming to utah soon. my sister molly is finally graduating from BYU and i will be attending the graduation. i wish that i could come for conference. i would love to see everyone from the mission. but no money. next time. we are rapping up the semester as well. but ben will be in summer school. so there goes our summer. maybe we can go somewhere. our workout and diet started yesterday. so far so good. we are getting there. trying to workout everyday and eat right. it makes long days but it is a good tired. that is about all now....
for those of you who didn't take us off your blog, we hope you enjoy it. talk to you soon