Monday, December 24, 2007

this is the most recent. ben and i went to his grandparents house in covelo. it was he most awful car trip ever!!!! on the way i got sick and then on the way back ben got sick. it was a four hour drive and we left at 8 am and got home at 10pm. long day but it was nice to see bens family and actually hang out with the extended family other than at the wedding.

this is bens family. we went to redding for thanksgiving. he had to work that day with angel ben...the one in the wheel chair. so we made him apart of the family. bens aunt came to visit..nancy to the right of his mom. it was a fun but long day.

well everyone i know this took a while... but i haven't had much time...this is ben and i on our honeymoon. we went to monterey and to san francisco. it was so cold but fun.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

well today was a long day.. it started out at 545 am when i woke up and realized that i didn't set my alarm to get up ofcourse being the good wife that i am, wokeup ben to hand me his phone to set an alarm. by the time i got in the shower and got ready..ben was up for the day. i had a hi-lite this morning and made the same amount in 2 hours as i did in working 8 hours at costco. man i love retail. anywho.... then getting a call later on in the day from my husband that says if you can pick me up tonight i can get a ride to work from eric. well ben gets off at 11pm. so now i am at his work waiting for him to get off. tomorrow will be another long day. we are driving to willits to spend time with his grandparents. and then coming home tomorrow least we get to spend time alone and sleep in on christmas eve. then we are off to bens parents in oroville christmas morning to receive a phone call from aaron at 7am... why he is calling so early...i don't know..but ben is excited to hear from him....any who we are all hoping that you have a wonderful christmas and until the next blog.....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

the happy day

This was the start of our wonderful life together.... we had such a fun time and we are so happy. needless to say we were happy to finally finish taking pictures and get on with the rest of the night. And it was great to see the whole family..minus Aaron (bens brother on a mission, bless his heart).