Thursday, January 9, 2014

whine whine, moan moan.

Today I am feeling the winter depression come on. Even though this winter has barely rained, I am still feeling that ugly feeling.  And it isn't even Spring.  I know I have a long way to go.  I miss the sun.  This is Lake Oroville.  I didn't make it to this lake a whole lot, but it is a nice picture to depict the valley weather.  I miss being able to get a tan.  That just isn't available here.  We are hoping that Ben will get a job this summer where we can settle down and buy a house.  I am tired of not owning a home with a yard and a garage.  That we can't go outside and play because there is no fence, and it is freezing outside all year long!  I am tired of not living closer to civilization.  Ben and I both agreed on these things.  WE MISS THE SUN!!  It was easy to become nostalgic last night as we reminisced about old times in Chico and Oroville.  When Spring came and it was so fun to be outside.  Summer comes, and it is so fun to be at the pool everyday.  I miss being able to swim.  No one person owns a pool here.  NOT ONE!  It makes sense since we live so close to the ocean....but who wants to swim in the ocean?  NOT ME!

That't it!  just a little complain session.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year.

Well I realize that I haven't posted since October.  As I was looking through my blog, and wanted to post some pictures, I realized that I haven't downloaded any pictures since we moved in July.  That means that I don't know where my camera cord is.  So I had to order a new one, and now my Christmas cards are going to be turned into New Year's cards.  That is how it rolls.
I finished the semester.  It was HARD!  We went to Dallas in November for Thanksgiving, and to Oroville for Christmas.  We got foster kids in the beginning of December.  I gave Braxton his first haircut, and the holidays are over.  Elissa and Richie have joined our family.  Even though it is quite hectic at times, it is fun to have them and we are happy to help.

 Dallas, jumping on the tramp with cousin Brayden.
 Braxton's first hair cut.  He is happy as long as I kept giving him candy cane jojos from Trader Joe's.
 Richie before his cut.  He has about 4 cowlicks, so keeping it looking nice was out of the question.  Especially after naps.  You can see it below.
 A little fuzzy, but the best pic we got.  Everyone is actually looking at the camera too!
 While in Oroville, Braxton got to play with all of Olivia's old toys we left there when we moved.  He loved it.  And was constantly trying to get in the bathroom, no matter who was in there.

 Olivia and Elissa hiding in the leaves.
 Moki sniffing Olivia out.
 Braxton enjoying the wagon.
 Girls enjoying grandpa's new trailor.
 Christmas morning.  Camera on a different setting, so not so many clear pictures... sorry.
 Richie and Bubba enjoying their new toys.
 Olivia not so impressed with clothing for a present.  I made her smile anyway.  Aaron trying to figure out how to work his knife... :)

 Once we got home, we got to open all the presents here, and what santa brought while we were gone.

New church clothing from Grandma and Granpa Brown.
I don't know why this is sideways.... I can't figure it out, ,but this is while in dallas.  We got to go to the local HS football section game at Cowboy Stadium.  It was really neat to be there.  Brooke couldn't come with the new baby, so this is the closest we got to all of us being together.  We are still new at taking pictures when we get together, so i will definitely work on that.

Most of the grandkids on the tramp.

 Joanna....she was funny!  She would follow Braxton around all week and constantly say "No no, Bubba!".  It was funny, but Braxton didn't find it too funny.
Molly, Tyler and I talking and noticing that Keith was taking pictures, so they put on a show.
 What the front room looked like when we got home.
 Right before we got Elissa and Richie, we needed a bigger car.  We purchased our first minivan.
One of my favorite pictures.  Ben picked up Braxton and told him Merry Christmas.  He was so happy to have daddy hold him, and immediately, Ben says, Why does my finger smell like poop?  Bubba how did you get poop on my finger?

All in all it was a fun semester and couple of months.  Ben is done with football, but is coaching basketball.  Very busy at least until Feb.  Then we are home free for the school year.  I am starting school again this spring in about 3 weeks.  Not too excited, but I think it will be a little easier.  I am taking a lighter load, and then taking a break for a year or two.  I think I will wait until the kids are a little older.