Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ben's grandma's 80th bday was this last weekend. I was asked to make the cake. this is the first big cake i have made for anyone. i was a little nervous, and ofcourse, there are things that need to be adjusted next time. but you can see that it turned out ok. the worst part was that ben's family made a big deal about it. and that just wasn't me. i felt a little embarassed that they kept talking about how good it was. that is why ben was there for me!! i had a person to hide behind.

It is supposed to be a wishing well....the roof was a little small...but i think it turned out ok. It was 3 layers, so it was a little hard to cut and serve.

anywho...we had a really good time. part of ben's family was there. not everyone, but it was at the park in Redding. Olivia did really well, until after she ate the 2nd time, she was NEEDING a nap. so we took off and i think she fell asleep as soon as we got to the car.

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