Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fort Bragg

This last week we went to Fort Bragg. It was really fun...other than the cold weather and everyone getting deathly ill!! Ben's family all got together and we went camping. Ben, Olivia and I stayed in a Hotel. I thought she was just a little too young to camp out. Although, i am sure that the air matresses were more comfortable than our cheap motel beds.

This was our last the sun finally came out and I felt like we could actually go to the beach. Olivia did pretty well. She had to sleep in the moby...thank heavens we took it.
Ben on the first night. it was COLD... we didn't really have much of a fire either. the wood we brought was still a little green. the last night, we buckled down and bought about costing an arm and a leg. but we were all much happier once we were warm.
For one reason or another, everyone got sick. out of all of us, Ben, me, Olivia, Lanell, and Lila were the only ones who didn't get sick. So maybe next year. we are talking maybe Bear Lake...that would be fun!

Olivia at the beach. she is just so cute!!

at the end of the last day...she was so tired, she actually fell asleep in Lanell's arms and then stayed asleep until we woke her up for her shower....yeah... the crappy hotel didn't have a bathtub, so we had to give her showers everynight. which means we had to take them with her.

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Rhandi said...

Fort Brag can be really great- too bad it was cold and a bunch of you got sick, at least you and Olivia got lucky. I can't believe she's already 8 months- crazy! I am coming to Chico at the end of Sept/beginning of Oct, so I really hope that we can get together a couple of times. Much love!