Monday, May 31, 2010

The Silver Dollar Fair

Today we went to the Fair. it was fun. we got there right at 10am.... Ben had to work at 2 so we got there right when it opened so that we had some time to walk around and enjoy, rather than being rushed. i HATE rushing! so we went to all the exhibits. They were acutally pretty neat...and i decided that i was going to enter the fair next year. that would be fun!
Above is Olivia and Daddy near the baby animals.
These were the baby goats...they were so cute. they kept crying and they seemed kind of scared. and there was this little boy taunting them, i wanted to punch him. i wanted to pet them, but i didn't know if they were scared or what. so we just walked on. poor little goats.
all in all, it was really fun. we got TONS of gross, greasy food. but hey, that is what the fair is all about right>>>>the corn dogs! ;) Olivia will definately have more fun next year...i am sure of it. she wasn't all that interested this year...i think 7 Months is a little too young.


Mama Mia said...

how cute she is!! bummer we should have met up! except i took the kids by myself later this afternoon around 5.....the kids had a good time though. :) and i have to agree, i pretty much only go to the fair for the corn dogs!! although they keep getting smaller and smaller every year!!
the kids are done with school next week, we should have some park dates or lunch or something.. i'd love to get together, sorry we haven't done much lately, but with baseball and school, there just isn't any time left.
p.s. thanks for coming to jack's birthday party. it was good to see you!

DD said...

I miss the fair! The exhibits are my favorite. What kind of exhibit are you going to do next year?? Oh, I'm going to be in Chico the month of July and beginning of August. I'd love to see you if you're going to be around!