Sunday, February 9, 2014

A much needed break.

These last few weeks have been trying.  This time of year is always hard as it is with the cold, rainy weather, and the not much to do atmosphere.  I got sick of it.  We just got our tax return, and I decided we needed to use some of that to enjoy ourselves.  Although almost all of the return is going to pay off credit cards that we enjoyed ourselves with last summer.  But with having two extra kids around here, we deserve a break.  I DESERVE A BREAK!  So, Ben and I are going on a trip.  We are so excited about it.  We will be heading to the bay area for three days.  We are going to stay in Santa Rosa since it is cheaper for the hotel, but we are going to SF, Oakland for the temple, and we are going to have fun.  Kid free.  Did I mention that we are not going to have the kids.  Well that just makes the trip.  :)

This picture is of Olivia.  She passed her 2nd level within her preschool section of ABCmouse.  She is doing so well.  Every day that she comes home from preschool, she has learned a new letter and is associating them with objects that start with that letter.  It makes me so happy to know that she is learning and loves to learn.  It will help her tremendously as she gets older.  

 This picture is of Ben and Olivia.  He had his last tournament for basketball this season, and he decided to take Olivia with him.  It was in Anderson Valley, or Booneville.  It is about an hour away from here and she loved it.  Her comment at the end was Daddy, next time let's not make the day so long.  She was pooped when they got home.  But she did well, and had fun.  I think Ben had more fun than she did.  He really enjoyed spending one on one time with her.
School is still going, and not too bad this semester.  There is a lot of reading, but nothing too hard.  It is nice to have a reminder of things too.  My Child Development class is reminding me of what needs to happen and how to be patient.  Computers is helping me remember things as well.  I will be happy when Ben is home after school to help with the kids and dinner so that I can do HW after school and not at night.
My running is coming right along.  I have increased the timing to 1 mile straight.  I run that without stopping, and I love it.  I will do that again this week, and hopefully next week I can increase it again.  I am noticing a change in my body and love it.  I feel healthy and like i have more energy when I run in the mornings.
Ben is still looking for a job for this summer.  A few have come up, but nothing solid yet.  I am still praying that we can get all the things that we want in this job.  It all comes down to what Heavenly Father wants.  We will just see what happens.
Elissa and Richie are doing much better.  Richie was tested for hearing and vision, and he failed the hearing and didn't do so well at the vision.  So I know they will be working with him on that.  I think he will be going to a preschool soon.  I am not too sure on the details, but it will be nice for him to get some help.  Elissa will also be tested this week hopefully for some learning disabilities.  She is lagging on catching on things for her age.  So hopefully, she will get that done and some help there too.  It seems that things are coming together for us.  I am pretty happy right now as things lay.  Now for this vacation to help rejuvenate me.

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