Saturday, March 27, 2010


She loved it, as you can see the oatmeal landed all over her face.
she still doesn't have the swallowing thing down. she likes to chew on the spoon, so she only swallows part of the oatmeal. most of it lands on her face or on the bib.


Em said...

hahaha, loved giving brennan his rice cereal, SO GLAD we found the oatmeal option. after trying the oatmeal i couldn't stand the rice cereal anymore. it was so thick and pasty. i always made the oatmeal really thick b/c it seemed to stay in the mouth better;-)

Anonymous said...

just like man juice baby girl, love to put mine in your mouth and on your face, I loved doing it to my girls and watch it drip off their little chins, they suck so good at your age it only takes a few mins to blow a nice big creamy load