Monday, March 22, 2010

New bows and a vacation

I ordered some bows from my friend tacie in Idaho....she makes them. i got them sat in the mail...i love them, but as you can see Lily isn't as excited as I am.

This is daddy and Lily in the hotel room before our friends wedding. My childhood friend got married in sacramento and we decided to go down there and attend. we stayed the night in the marriott in elk grove and it was fun. this is before the reception. Olivia has a problem with slobbering, so i took off her dress until we left.


ThunderDan said...

She seems to enjoy chillin in the diaper.

Em said...

you KNOW i'm all about big bows;-)

Rhandi said...

Ha! That pic of Olivia and her daddy is so cute- her face is hilarious! I love the bows! I missed you all and can't wait to hear about Courtney's wedding! Post some pics! xoxo