Friday, February 19, 2010

Vday and my Birthday

the movie was great!!! good chick flick, but great!
Oijya japanese steak house and suhi bar....WONDERFUL and entertaining...

this year was a little different. ben had to work on both valentine's day and my birthday, so we decided to celebrate both together on tuesday. so on vday he bought me roses and then tuesday began the journey. we started early because Olivia gets up about 6 am every day... then i started to get ready and ben watched her. about 12noon we took Lily to my dad's house and he babysat her while we went to the movies. we watched Valentine's Day. i loved it. but then again i usually always love chick flicks. there is just something to be said about a happy ending. that is what we pay for right? i mean who wants to go to the movies for a sad ending and pay for that? you could just watch life for free....anywho... then after the movie we went to this new resturant here in chico. it is like a bennyhanna's. they have the grill right there at every table and it was neat. ben had never tasted sushi and so we got some and both ordered steak and seafood. it was great..... but after 5 hours we definately missed Olivia. she was pretty happy to see us too. ben got me some new clothes and best of all a jogging stroller. i have wanted one since i got pregnant. i found one on craigslist...blessed craigslist...and bought it! i am so excited for the warm weather so i can try it out. Thurs, my actual bday, my dad(who actually shares my bday) took me out to dinner to thai food. it was really good....and then today was hula's with my sister molly and tomorrow another meal out with my has been a busy week, but i must say that i enjoy it for turning retched 27.

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Erin said...

I totally agree with you on liking movies with happy endings, moves are for entertaining!