Monday, February 1, 2010

3 months

i love this hat! i got it at apple blossom baby for $2. Great buy!!

i am still figuring out my new camera. i know there are tons of settings on it, but i haven't figured out how to use them all...therefore...she always has a delayed reaction to the flashing from it.

i can't believe that Olivia is already 3 months old. she is getting prettier and prettier. she is FINALLY on a schedule..i love it! sometimes she takes 1/2 hr naps and sometimes she takes 3 1/2 hr naps. but she is taking naps! she is sleeping through the night. i can tell when she is hungry, tired and board. it is amazing how much we know eachother. i love her more and more!


Jer and Kim said...

She is darling! Time sure does go by so fast!

chats said...

I love her facial expressions. Each one it totally different! I think she's been pretty cute from the beginning, even if she did look a whole lot like Ben

LaNell Brown said...

what a cutie. my vote is that you keep the pictures coming!!