Thursday, November 12, 2009

off to bed!

it is 1145pm and i am just now going to bed. 10 months ago, i was in bed everynight by 9pm. this sleeping schedule is totally different than what i am used to, but i wouldn't change it for anything. Lily is wonderful and i love her more and more. even when she is crying, i love hearing it! and i LOVE being able to sleep on my back!!!
ben and i have decided that her favorite place to sleep is on my chest. after i feed her and i am in the process of burping her, she always falls asleep, and will stay that way. one night i just layed down with her on my chest, and we took a nap together. it is a great feeling.


LaNell Brown said...

I am pretty sure I have the cutest niece ever and I have not even seen her yet!!! Who's bruised arm is that in the picture, ouch

Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy said...

She is beautiful Katie!

Em said...

i am currently missing my back sleeping sooooooo much. sigh. 3 more months and i will be "back" to it, lol. glad you're adjusting! the sleep will get back to normal eventually.