Friday, November 8, 2013

you get what you.... well you know!

I have not had the best last two weeks.  It has been ROUGH!!  Olivia and Braxton seem to be teaming up on me and doing whatever they can to get me to have a breakdown.  Braxton is now to the height where he can reach everything that I think he can't.  So I am constantly rearranging my house to accommodate for the growth spurt.   All the while, Olivia turned 4, Ben turned 29, we had Halloween, and our 6 yr anniversary.  I am still going to school, and training for a 1/2 marathon.  Things are getting a little crazy around here.  And just the other day, my VT supervisor came to me and church and insisted there was something wrong with the report that I haven't don't VT since June.  NOPE!  That is correct.  I am the worst VT in the world.  But I just don't have time right now.  I know that is not an excuse, but that is mine right now.  I am barely nice to my kids because I feel so stressed out.  PLUS we just certified for Foster Care.  It has been quite the last few months.  So I have decided that I am going to take quite an easy semester next one.  

Olivia started in sept.  I was looking for something to give her some direction on learning time here at home and also give her activities.  Until we can hopefully get her in preschool in Jan.  Lets cross our fingers!  Meanwhile, we started this.  IT IS AMAZING!  Olivia loves it.  She is constantly begging to do it.  It is really great.  She just passed level 1 in Preschool and moved on to harder things.  She is doing great, and learning so much.

   I have really been trying to run every morning on the treadmill.  I have made it a goal to run a 1/2 marathon this next summer, and I AM GOING TO DO IT!  I need this.
Anywho, it is getting hard as to what to feed the kids for breakfast.  I try to get up at 7, they sleep until 730 usually, and make them breakfast.  Sometimes that doesn't work, so i give them what we have.  I usually give Braxton cereal, but we don't have any lately.  It is just too expensive.  AND I haven't made it to Walmart in a while.  So this morning was oatmeal.  He DESTROYED it!
Glad he got it on himself and not all over the carpet.

Yesterday was especially hard with the kids.  I have had a LOT of homework lately, and I can't seem to get ahead.  So today I have summoned one of the YW to come and babysit for a few hours so I can get a head.  Ben is gone all day for a football game.  
Yesterday was hard, and something yesterday morning stuck with me really hard while looking at pinterest.  
As I have read this so many times, I really felt that this is not just with my workouts, but with life.  I will only get what I put in.  So I have a new found motivation to hopefully finish the semester, and I will not pile my load so high next semester.

After we ate lunch yesterday with Ben at this school, the kids were awful in the morning, we got home,and went to ballet, then they both were AMAZING!  I know it was Heavenly Father giving me a tender mercy.  He knew that if they were any worse, I might kill one of them or have a mental breakdown.  I am so thankful that He knows how much I can handle.  The kids were so sweet and Braxton just wanted to play with me and cuddle and kiss.  It made me feel so much better, and loved from them.  It is hard to be a mom with a husband that is gone ALL THE TIME!  But I am grateful for my faith and testimony and knowing that my Savior loves me, and keeps a look out for me.

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