Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I love fall.

The leaves are starting to change colors...well, lets be honest!  All there really is here are Evergreen and Pine trees.  The Pine "leaves" are starting to die.  They are turning an ugly brown, but that is the closest we are going to get here in FB.  So I am just going to enjoy it.  School has been SO grueling.  I just don't have time for anything else.  I barely have time for the kids.  It is sad, and I feel like I just wasn't ready to start school just yet.  Or at least, not full time.  It is too late though, so it is going to be a rough semester.  I will be taking a lighter load next semester.  
The kids have been kind of driving me crazy lately.  Braxton has just been so needy, but it probably has to do with the fact that i am at the computer every chance i get to get some HW done.
This is after lunch.  Braxton seems to think it is necessary to rub his hands that are covered in Peanut Butter and Jelly all through out his hair.  After this picture, I felt like it might be getting close to time for his first haircut... i think i will keep thinking about it.  
 Bubba was in the bathtub and just having a ball!  His sister has been getting really snotty lately!  I am hoping that it is just a phase, but this particular night, she decided to tell me to shut up!  I don't even know where she heard that, but she was upset when i told her to get to time out, and she told me to shut up!  Needless to say, Braxton took a bath alone.  He is loving just all the room!
 Here is the little miss attitude.  We took her to ballet.  She is loving it.  This was the first week, where the teacher said she did just amazing!  Well last week, i left her there, and the teacher said that she didn't listen at all and that if she kept that way, she would not be allowed in the class for another year.  WELL!  So, we are going to try it again this week.  I am hoping she will get things together, or we are out of luck, since that is the only ballet class in FB.
 Braxton really is a boy.  The other day, he was trying to climb into Olivia's grocery cart, and slipped and smacked his forehead on the side of the desk.  It cut open and he was screaming!  Luckily, it looked worse than it was.  It was gone in a few days.

 A few weeks ago, we went to the first FB game in FB.  It was fun and it lasted for about 10 minutes, before they were both driving me crazy.  We left and decided to not do that again.  But fun while it lasted.  As you can see, bubba has discovered how to say cheese for pictures!
Can't wait for the holidays.  It is coming soon, and we are heading to Texas for Thanksgiving.  This is the first time we are going to Texas and on an airplane with both kids.  I am excited to see my brothers new house.
Hopefully we can figure out something so we can do thing annually!
We are also trying to get foster kids.  We are really excited and it will be a new and fun chapter for our family!

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Whitney said...

My boys are the same way. Why on earth do they feel the need to put their hands through their hair while/after eating?!

Your kids are getting so big and as cute as ever! I'm crazy excited for the holidays as well. I'm pretty much ready to start listening to Christmas music lol. Ok, maybe not quite yet. Hope y'all have a wonderful time in Texas!