Saturday, July 6, 2013

its been a while....

Well to start off, Ben didn't finish school this year until June 14... SOOOO LATE!!!  Right after school was out, i mean litterally, we headed to Oroville.  We were there for one night and the next morning we headed to McCloud, CA.  We rented a cabin up there and it was SO much fun!!  The whole Brown family was together before Caleb left on his mission.  This is one of the new family pictures we got while being up there.  
 We also got a whole group shot.  it is always fun to be a little silly.  It was nice, but it was warm.  since we have been on the coast for a year now, we have not been used to the heat.  my kids did ok...but not great.
 When we got home, the following Monday, 6/24, we didn't get home until like 11pm.  it was a long and late drive.  the next morning, we hung out and went to the beach.  Wednesday, Ben left for Football camp for 3 days in Yuba City.  it was long. that friday was Braxton's first bday.  He is such a big boy.  we celebrated at Ben's Parents house, we bought him a ice cream cake, and he didn't like how cold it was.  so we decided to celebrate when we got back.  Just our little family, but it was fun.  He still cried about the hats...what a baby!

 He calmed down as soon as i gave him some cake.

 Devoured the cake and of course rubbed in all over his hair.

 Olivia was so excited all day.  we went to the store in the morning and got the party stuff, and she couldn't stop talking about it all day until it was time.

 Happy Birthday Braxton!!
 Bath time after the cake.  Daddy came home just in time for cake.
 This is the little families of deer we have in the yard.  There is one mama by the tree and one baby behind the tree, then another mama to the far right, and her two babies in the center.  super cute.

 Olivia getting a taste of my high heels... she was doing pretty good.
 This last weekend was the 4th.  We had a ton of things planned, and NOTHING WORKED OUT!!!  we drove to Willits for the parade, and on the way Olivia puked ALL OVER the back 4 times.  we had to stop and clean everything up.  and we had another 20 minutes to drive with the car smelling like puke until we got to safeway to get some resolve.

 Finally at the parade, it was like 95 and NO SHADE!  so hot.  then afterward, we headed to lumberjacks for lunch.  it seemed to be great, until the waitress brought our drinks and dumped Mt. Dew all over Braxton and soaked him.  Then she was kind of rude after that, so Ben had a talk with the manager and they covered the bill.  that sucked!! needless to say, we skipped the firework show and there is one here in FB tonight, but after we went to Walmart today, we are skipping that and heading to bed early.

Well this weekend, was packed.  Ben headed to Oroville for a endowment and sealing session with the Cherry's.  Ben and Kevin grew up together and Kevin's dad went through the temple and then his parents were sealed.  Ben's quote " The Cherry's did a lot for me growing up, I really want to be there and support them."  I wish i could have gone, but i stayed with the kids.  Then on Monday he has an interview with a school that we really want to end up at.  So  we will be fasting for that and praying like crazy that he gets it.  it is a great area, it is at a high school, and we are much closer to family.
All we know is that Heavenly Father is in charge, and last week when i fasted for this interview and job offer, about 2 days later, Ben got a call for the interview.  So lets all keep our faith up!

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