Monday, April 8, 2013

No big deal...just a turkey!

This is what happens when Braxton wakes up from his nap crabby.  He will actually cuddle with Olivia.  I LOVE IT!!  He thinks it is so funny when we put his pacifier in our mouths and not his.

 We went to Jan and Lou's for the saturday before Easter for an early celebration.  I brought the camera for good form to try to get some pictures.  i took this one, and my battery died!!  as LaNell would say... FAIL!!  this was one of about 4 games of settlers played that day.  we really had a whole lot of fun this day with all the extended family.  especially joel and michelle and their kids taylor and seth, as well as ty and his little one, Autumn.  Olivia had so much fun playing with the kids.
 Easter came after Olivia and Braxtons afternoon nap.  when Olivia got up, she came and out was a little out of it, but she had fun.  it was raining, so the Easter bunny hid the eggs in the house.  not too much fun, but she loved it.
 The next day, coloring the eggs.  That is right folks.  we just did not have enough time this year to color the eggs before the Easter bunny came.  Luckily, LaNell came to stay with us for 3 days and she colored them with her later that evening.
 Olivia's picture taking skills.
 yes.... there were eggs in the bathtub.
 Big Braxton with his big boy teeth.  He has his two bottom teeth, and then got his two top teeth.  now he has a third one to the right and one more coming in on the left.  makes me want to cry.  he is just getting too big too fast!!
 He now stands up as well.  just turned 9 months and is just shy of 20 lbs.  and in the 75th percentile for his height.  he sure is getting big.

 I LOVE THIS LITTLE HAT ON HIM!!!  such a big boy!

 This is what happened this morning.  i thought i heard the kitchen table rattle when i was sitting at it, and so i tried to move it, and nothing.  then i heard it again.  so i thought it might be my chair.  nothing...then i heard it again.  i opened the blinds, and low and behold i see this turkey running through our yard.  we dont have turkeys, neither do our neighbors as far as i know.  kind of crazy!!
 Bubba at the dr today.  i couldn't keep him still.  he was all over the place and so happy to be playing, even if it was just in his diaper and cold.  he loved it!!

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Lila Brown said...

The pictures of the kids are so cute.
Easter was so fun visiting with extended family. Love you guys.