Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas came and went this year. It seems like it came faster than normal, but i think that is what happens when you have children. Olivia had fun. She got TOO many things. My sister Brooke came to visit this year with her family. That was fun. Olivia's hair is now long enough that we put it in pig tails, but as you can see, she was having a melt down and ripped them out.

Her upset look.... she was READY for bed!

and after all her toys, she still wanted to play with the place mats in the office.

Smile on command. (it took a while to learn this one)

Daddy trying to make her laugh.

I made sugar cookies this year....TOO MUCH WORK!!! i think i will stick to other goodies.

they sure were good though. fluffy, soft and cream cheese frosting.

All in all it was a good year. i am excited for the new year to start though. i feel like there were too many things going wrong this year. Ben and i had our talk last night ( we have weekly companionship inventory) and we set our 2011 goals. i am pretty stoked about them. one of my goals is to ready a non church non baby book every 3 months. 4 total for the year. First on the list is Mitt Romney's No Apologies. I am going to be looking around for the next ones. any suggestions??


Alisa said...

hi kates! olivia cracks me up with her hair ripped apart:) ry and i are getting ready to sit down and do our yearly goals, etc. keep me posted on the books you're reading 'cause I'm setting a reading goal too!

Becky Nelson said...

Way to go on the reading thing. That is something I should work on this year too. Every book is a church book or something to become a better mom/wife. your daughter is super cute. Nice to hear you had a nice Christmas. I hope your family is doing well. Say Hi to Molly for me (even if she does not want to hear it). Glad you got to see Brooke.

Becker said...

Hi Katie,

I need to get a hold of your Mom. I have a piano book of hers that I'm pretty sure we've had since I last took lessons over 12 years ago. Can you e-mail me with her e-mail address or phone number?
beccabethwright at gmail dot com.