Saturday, November 20, 2010

Did i say busy???

This would be Olivia trying to feed herself. She usually gets beside herself and starts rubbing it in her hair!
Her 12month check up...the dr said she is VERY healthy. She is 31inches, 22 lbs, and in the 75th% for both!
She was VERY over me taking her picture. We have been trying to teach her to feed herself.

This would be Ben and the Mover moving our new piano up our stairs...and Aaron watching.

We got a new piano. This is my christmas present from Ben. We got it early, because we found a REALLY good deal on craistlist that we couldn't pass up. The new piano becoming Olivia's playstation... She loved playing with that roll of film. I found it in our luggage. It was left over from Ben's mission...hahaha.... not she loves chewing on it and throwing it around the house.

We painted....Neverminds the mess. Olivia will find any pile of clean clothing and make sure she throws every piece on the floor.
I love our living room now. I love this color. it makes a WORLD of a difference.

Our new "ride". As from the last post, we have been very busy. We had Olivia's First Birthday, Ben's Birthday, Halloween, My car accident, our wedding anniversary, and looking for a new car all in about 3 weeks time. This is what we found. IT IS WONDERFUL!!!!! it is a 2007 Jeep Commander. Leather, 4x4, Hemi engine, Navigation, DVD system, power everything, back up camera, sun roofs...yes i said sun roofs. there is one at the front of the car, just like others that opens, and there are 2 smaller ones in the back seat. they don't open but they do make the backseat a lot roomier.... there is even a 3rd row seat as well. it is a great car for us right now. we love it and it is the nicest car we have ever had. i love the auto start on the key chain. now the car is heated up by the time i get in it and they have heated seats too!!! needless to say, we have been busy this last month and are DEFINATELY looking forward to the holidays...

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