Friday, January 1, 2010

the holidays

well the holidays are over...and i am glad. i love that time of year, but i LIVE for a schedule. it was fun though. it was Olivia's first Christmas and she slept through the whole thing. it will be more fun next year. she can at least open her own gifts. she is growing faster that we know. she is still skinny for her age, but she is getting big. she laughs now and is starting to talk. she is definately discovering her voice. we have noticed how different she cries now that she knows how to cry. this is her last night in the tub. we give her a bath every night and she was so tired from running errands yesterday, that she fell asleep in the tub.
she loves her swing. that is her nap place during the day. she is just so cute!


LaNell Brown said...

Look at that adorable smile. What a great picture. She is such a cutie.

Anonymous said...

DAMN!! no pic of her p---y