Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Bedding!!

YEAH!!!! we bought new bedding yesterday. i am so happy. this is the first thing that ben and i have bought together for our new apartment. We are going to be moving to the Joshua Tree apartments in about 2 weeks. next to come is the front room furniture. ben was not wanting anything purple, pink, or flowers. so it narrowed all the options. we went to jc penny, and saw this display, and that was it! ben loved it and i loved the red! anywho...we will send more updates!!


Kerri said...

super cute!!

LaNell Brown said...

I like the bedding. I hear Aaron is going to live with you all!! Are you ready for that? Are you guys still planning on coming out in April? I hope so. Happy Birthday!!

Dana and Adam said...

Love the new bedding! It makes me want some, too.