Tuesday, December 30, 2008

fooorrrrttteee nnniiinnnneeerrrsss!!

Ben and I sitting 10 rows from the field...we were so excited to be at candlestick park!! we got there late ofcourse, ben got off work late. once we parked and paid $25 for that...we hiked to the field. we saw all of the parking lot parties...it was pretty fun to see everyones pride in the niners!

the game was PACKED!! it was nice though, we had some room between us and the other seats. i guess not that packed! the players were so close to us. it was neat.

everyone was so excited to be there and all in all the game was great. there was like 3 minutes left and we were tied. within 30 seconds of the game being over..the niners kicked a field goal and won it. it was awesome!!!

and obviously, my favorite part was the cheerleaders!! it was a great game! next time we are definately bringing a BBQ and a cooler, because hanging out in the parking lot for 1 1/2 hrs before starting to leave was not cool with nothing to do! we would do it all over again though!

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emily said...

i laughed when i saw the pic with the stickers under your eyes b/c when we were at my dad's for christmas he put them under he and brennan's eyes for a picture. so cute.