Friday, August 1, 2008

here we go 'round the blueberry bush..

well this is my benji!! i love you!! this wonderful house that we are living in right now had some blueberries and peaches growing in the back yard, so we decided that to pick them and make some cobbler. we made two blueberry cobblers and 2 peach cobblers. family and friends loved them. it was so fun just to hang out and learn about food.
the summer is coming to an end and it is just so sad to me. i love the summer and i have only had time to go swimming once this summer. how sad is that??? tomorrow is a day off for me and i am so excited. if you don't know, i don't get anydays to sleep in ever. m-th, i work 8-5 at the drs office, then mondays i work at night at the salon. then fridays i get off the the drs office at noon and then do hair fridays until 6 or 7 and then saturdays i do hair from like 10 -4. then sundays we have church at 10 and choir at 9. so i don't get to sleep in ever, unless i actually mark off a day. and that is exactly what i did for tomorrow. so i am excited. i get to sleep in and do nothing all day. we are going swimming and then ben has to work at 4pm. so i get some time with myself. my nieces and nephew are in town from michigan too so we are going to have a fun 3 weeks.


LaNell Brown said...

Have fun camping and your cobblers sound really good. I love summer because of the great fruit you can get.

Becky said...

wait untill you have kids and then 7 is sleeping in. Good to hear you are having a nice summer.

Angie said...

Hmmm... That last comment seems a little crabby. Somebody needs to learn that sharing isn't always caring. Here's a nice little link for you Miss Crabby Pants:

Anywho, Hi Katie! I hope you got your well-deserved sleep! And I hope you get to go swimming- that's the best part of summer.

Btw, guess who needs her hair done. I'll call you. I think I'm only going to be in town one day before we head back to Utah. I'm not completely sure, but I think it's going to be Saturday August 30th. I'll let you know and hopefully it will work out.


Becky said...

Kaite. Kerri was reading the blog and said it came a cross that I wrote Con, but that was to be considerably higher, not con prices. I hope that makes sence. I was writing quick becuase I was busy and didn't even notice that they came across like that. I am not mad and I hope that i don't come across that way. you posted on my blog a question, so i responded on yours. If you do have questions give us a call. thanks
and Angie does not know the situation, so she can call me crabby as much as she would like. does not matter!!! Have a great day Katie